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The Short Name for the Loooong Game
The Orginal GreedVille

​Original Front Page - 2011

Green Hills Software, Inc., located at 30 W. Sola in Santa Barbara, CA 93101.  Since around 2003 it has received enormous government contracts and, most on point for our purposes here, is a Silver member for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems International.

They are also the original "Greedville," a corporation entirely without conscience even when dealing with the wives and children of their officers, if those officers are moved with a desire to dump said wives and children so they can afford to engage in sexually perverse activities.  
Very specifically here, the guy with the rose in his mouth, Craig Franklin.
In some cases this would sould like sour grapes, perhaps.  But in this case it is all documentable.  
It would be unfair to hold the other employees entirely responsible, as so many of them clearly wondered why Dan O"Dowd tolerated Craig after having to settle suits for sexual harassment and tolerated other offenses in his corporate offices. 

Documentation of Craig's predilections are available HERE

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Shame, them, make fun of them, confront them, shun them 
and sue them.
They will be featured on Take It To The People as soon as
we are up and operating Women Leading Interactive TV 

Note that Green Hills is located at the corner of Sola and
Chapala, the Google map is not quite accurate, but close.