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Dan O'Dowd, the Original 
Awareness of the use of drones as killing machines which lowered the cost of terrorizing people remotely was still forming when the original site went up and I have not yet realized how engaged Green Hills was with the technology for guidance and other essentials.

This changed while I was doing a radio show with a guest who was publicizing the many deaths being caused. During the interview he gave out the URL for a site, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.  

Since it became popular to  publicize these companies, many of whom are very available for onsite protests, it the policies on who is a member have changed drastically.   Now when you try to look them us this is what you read, along with having to obtain an account.

"Please note: AUVSI, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline the registration or account creation of any applicant that may violate national security or export compliance laws, including U.S. economic sanctions. Applicants must provide full, truthful information when registering, in accordance with registration terms and conditions." 

It seems to me real national security depends on knowing everything about the people we, Americans, are paying.

Graphics from Drone Free Zone which are especially relevant to the issue of "The Ethics of Drone Contractors"