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The Short Name for the Loooong Game
Greedville - The Game
The denizens of Greedville use BankingBig Pharma, War and weapons and products for war, and Government to design their 'business plans'.  These are also covered in the Time Line.  

The present regulatory infrastructure of government allows them free rein in their operations, ignoring the issue of liabilities and damage done both to the commons of water, soil and air, and directly to people and other living things.  

While I was designing the Game I was also writing articles about the industries which routinely ignore liabilities and pollute, causing grave harm and death to people and impacting our environment.  

I originally designed this game starting in 2007.  At that point in time the technologies for such games were not sufficiently developed for me to find the needed programming.  That has now changed.  But instead I decided on a board game.  You can see some of those components  at GAME PIECES.