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The Short Name for the Loooong Game
About Us  
Greedville's Denizens  are ugly characters, when you really understand what is going on. When you don't understand, you are vulnerable.  

The centralization of government and commerce resulted in placing power in exactly the hands where it could spawn the most evil.    We aim to change this, taking humanity back to local communities where these disordered individuals are more easily identified and dealt with.  

We have studied the problems caused by the Greedville Business Plan.  Solving the problem hinges on several things.  

First, understand the issue of psychopathy.  This is a neurological issue, not psychological.  Psychopaths do not have a conscience or empathy.  Therefore, using wars which kill millions to extract money from taxpayers does not strike them as horrifying or wrong.  Right and Wrong, as viewed by emotionally normal people is just not on the radar for them.  Dr. Robert Hare is a world respected expert on the problem.  He originated a test which works to indicate the level of psychopathic behavior in an individual.  Life Stealers is our site and also has information.  



Second, the solution is to displace the means used to extract money from us in ways which creates enormous, toxic levels of wealth for a few.  The means for accomplishing this is decentralization and relocalization.  Back to communities were we can know and trust each other while ensuring the needs of everyone are met. Agents Green is a step toward displacing products with petroleum with healthy alternatives.  Check it out.  

Direct action, like direct democracy, is the best solution.  

Agents Green